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March gone, Hack Up staying

The last Hack Up consisted of a bunch of projects related to Altomic, Arduino and MMMAsoap. Take a look and get the code you need!


Alberto D’Ottavi and Gioia Feliziani are talking about it.
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Hack Up as a sinergy of minds


Some friends focused on the projects, the others contributed in many different ways.
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Any given (Hack-Up) sunday

The last Hack-Up consisted of the development of 3 new projects. The code is available here.
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HackUp. The Event. The Faces

Sunday afternoon we hosted the Hack-Up here at MIKAMAI.  There were more than 20 people from 5 different countries and a feeling of brotherhood and common understanding that confirms that what we are doing is really worth our time :-)
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Connect to the internet of things with Pachubero, a Pachube wrapper for Ruby


Here at MIKAMAI we have been playing a lot with Arduino recently.
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