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The sound is in the web

HVANA invite Pitti Uomo
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Unconventional couchsurfing

unconventional couchsurfing

MIKAMAI office in Milan deserves many surprises. One of them is couchsurfing, and we’re proud of it.
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What is a social network

Published by Bluecrow in social, Society on May 22nd, 2009

It occasionally happens that, while talking to friends, I start using words specific to my job and our type of work.   In my case, I often talk about communities and social networks, and we all know these are being used by more and more people everyday, and I am always need to be reminded that these terms do not mean the same thing to everyone. Especially if the people I am talking to come from different backgrounds with different web experiences.

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Social networks and ruby on rails

Social network? What is it all about, what is the goal?

The simple answer would be: It’s about connecting people, creating a space where people can share the same interests. It can be everything like dating, dancing, studies and so on. Social network is the new reason for people to spend hours on internet everyday. The most famous social plate-form of the moment is for sure Facebook and this success inspire lots of companies to create their own social website, to build their own graph of users. It’s such a big potential for companies.
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Social Patterns Checklist

Thanks to Paolo Massa I found out about this presentation by Erin Malone (Tangible ux) and Christian Crumlish (Yahoo!).
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March gone, Hack Up staying

The last Hack Up consisted of a bunch of projects related to Altomic, Arduino and MMMAsoap. Take a look and get the code you need!


Alberto D’Ottavi and Gioia Feliziani are talking about it.
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Coworking, a brand new addiction

hack-up is one step closer to coworking
An addictive trend is rapidly spreading through Italy. Its name is COWORKING, and you’ll get used to it.
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Amazing ready-to-use web app theme


Hello world!

MIKAMAI develops lots of interesting stuff day by day. Today I’d like to show you a nice theme for web applications by Andrea Franz, lead developer of ours.
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HackUp. The Event. The Faces

Sunday afternoon we hosted the Hack-Up here at MIKAMAI.  There were more than 20 people from 5 different countries and a feeling of brotherhood and common understanding that confirms that what we are doing is really worth our time :-)
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Hack-Up on a shiny sunday


MIKAMAI is proud to host the Hack-Up on January 18!

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