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Unconventional couchsurfing

unconventional couchsurfing

MIKAMAI office in Milan deserves many surprises. One of them is couchsurfing, and we’re proud of it.
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What is a social network

Published by Bluecrow in social, Society on May 22nd, 2009

It occasionally happens that, while talking to friends, I start using words specific to my job and our type of work.   In my case, I often talk about communities and social networks, and we all know these are being used by more and more people everyday, and I am always need to be reminded that these terms do not mean the same thing to everyone. Especially if the people I am talking to come from different backgrounds with different web experiences.

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Coworking, a brand new addiction

hack-up is one step closer to coworking
An addictive trend is rapidly spreading through Italy. Its name is COWORKING, and you’ll get used to it.
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Amazing ready-to-use web app theme


Hello world!

MIKAMAI develops lots of interesting stuff day by day. Today I’d like to show you a nice theme for web applications by Andrea Franz, lead developer of ours.
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