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The sound is in the web

HVANA invite Pitti Uomo
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MIKAMAI photo backstage


A photographer took some pictures of MIKAMAI office and staff on a snowy December morning.
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Our office in London

MIKAMAI proudly presents its office in London!
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Pasta, Olio and Mathematica

What could attract 40 great minds from all over the world and any walk of life in a hot humid room in central Italy for 3 weeks, in the middle of summer, coding every day until 2am ? If you just said “cellular automata“, you would be right.
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Unconventional couchsurfing

unconventional couchsurfing

MIKAMAI office in Milan deserves many surprises. One of them is couchsurfing, and we’re proud of it.
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The Stacktrace chronicles


A brand new interview to MIKAMAI‘s technical director Giovanni Intini about MIKAMAI and many unconventional projects.

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Coworking, a brand new addiction

hack-up is one step closer to coworking
An addictive trend is rapidly spreading through Italy. Its name is COWORKING, and you’ll get used to it.
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Amazing ready-to-use web app theme


Hello world!

MIKAMAI develops lots of interesting stuff day by day. Today I’d like to show you a nice theme for web applications by Andrea Franz, lead developer of ours.
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HackUp. The Event. The Faces

Sunday afternoon we hosted the Hack-Up here at MIKAMAI.  There were more than 20 people from 5 different countries and a feeling of brotherhood and common understanding that confirms that what we are doing is really worth our time :-)
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Connect to the internet of things with Pachubero, a Pachube wrapper for Ruby


Here at MIKAMAI we have been playing a lot with Arduino recently.
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