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Facebook Developer Garage in London

On December 9th London had the last Facebook Developer Garage of 2009.

All the latest videos and slideshows are available on the official blog.

You may want to listen to Todd Chaffee of MIKAMAI speaking at 00:34. Enjoy the video.
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The sound is in the web

HVANA invite Pitti Uomo
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Social Media Monday

Are you planning to be in London in December? MIKAMAI is, and Todd Chaffee will be speaking at the next Social Media Monday event.
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RubyFoo is worth a plane trip

I’ve never seen London. The capital of Western Europe. The Queen’s home. A shelter for geek people from all over the world. Home of the most advanced development.

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Social networks and ruby on rails

Social network? What is it all about, what is the goal?

The simple answer would be: It’s about connecting people, creating a space where people can share the same interests. It can be everything like dating, dancing, studies and so on. Social network is the new reason for people to spend hours on internet everyday. The most famous social plate-form of the moment is for sure Facebook and this success inspire lots of companies to create their own social website, to build their own graph of users. It’s such a big potential for companies.
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March gone, Hack Up staying

The last Hack Up consisted of a bunch of projects related to Altomic, Arduino and MMMAsoap. Take a look and get the code you need!


Alberto D’Ottavi and Gioia Feliziani are talking about it.
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Hack Up as a sinergy of minds


Some friends focused on the projects, the others contributed in many different ways.
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Any given (Hack-Up) sunday

The last Hack-Up consisted of the development of 3 new projects. The code is available here.
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Mash your home up!

Here is a simple introduction to the connection between web and home automation. It’s my Master thesis in Computer Science at Cà Foscari, actually =)

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The Stacktrace chronicles


A brand new interview to MIKAMAI‘s technical director Giovanni Intini about MIKAMAI and many unconventional projects.

Stay tuned for the English translation.

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