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BuzzReader, your new web reputation service


Buzzreader is back with a brand new design. I know an online reputation monitoring service is not mainly focused on graphic design. Nonetheless, an appealing website is necessary to be competitive. Buzzreader has a blog and you may want to take a look at their Playboy brand analysis. (Read more…)

Still using email? FAIL!

When your employees want to know what is happening in their lives outside of work they turn off email and go to Facebook or Twitter. Back to work and they start using email again for communicating with other employees. Here are 8 reasons smart companies are offering internal social networks as an alternative to email for communication between employees.
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Facebook Developer Garage in London

On December 9th London had the last Facebook Developer Garage of 2009.

All the latest videos and slideshows are available on the official blog.

You may want to listen to Todd Chaffee of MIKAMAI speaking at 00:34. Enjoy the video.
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The sound is in the web

HVANA invite Pitti Uomo
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MIKAMAI photo backstage


A photographer took some pictures of MIKAMAI office and staff on a snowy December morning.
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Our office in London

MIKAMAI proudly presents its office in London!
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Social Media Monday

Are you planning to be in London in December? MIKAMAI is, and Todd Chaffee will be speaking at the next Social Media Monday event.
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RubyFoo is worth a plane trip

I’ve never seen London. The capital of Western Europe. The Queen’s home. A shelter for geek people from all over the world. Home of the most advanced development.

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Pasta, Olio and Mathematica

What could attract 40 great minds from all over the world and any walk of life in a hot humid room in central Italy for 3 weeks, in the middle of summer, coding every day until 2am ? If you just said “cellular automata“, you would be right.
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Unconventional couchsurfing

unconventional couchsurfing

MIKAMAI office in Milan deserves many surprises. One of them is couchsurfing, and we’re proud of it.
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