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At MIKAMAI, we have a belief in making life easier for site visitors.  One point at which many users lose interest is account creation.  For the fantasy football site, MIKAMAI used Facebook Connect integration with WordPress to solve this problem.

Integrating Facebook and WordPress is not as hard as it first seems, as a plugin is available for WordPress called “Facebook Connect by Adam Hupp”.  The plugin simply requires you to create a Facebook application, and then copy and paste the API key and Secret code into the plugin. The plugin takes care of everything else.

The Facebook Connect button once clicked allows the user to login to My11 by simply entering the Facebook credentials, and automatically become a member of the My11 community with ease. Not only can they login using Facebook, but if they are already signed into Facebook, they will automatically be logged into My11.

We didn’t stop at easy login though.  Site members can also post to their Facebook wall when they create a team or join a mini-league.  Weekly and monthly scores are also posted to users’ walls. has already seen a substantial increase in referral traffic from Facebook due to these features.

If you would like to see how we can increase site membership and referrals from Facebook to your site, please contact us today.

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  1. Once a group was created, the link can be send to Facebook friends directly from within the application, and they can connect be simply clicking the Accept button on the invitation inside Facebook.

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