Any given (Hack-Up) sunday

The last Hack-Up consisted of the development of 3 new projects. The code is available here.

The Arduino keynote countdown is the right™ way to control the time for the speaker and the audience. It’s an analog time-meter with a gauge display that shows the remaining time for the speech, with three coloured leds that warns the speaker when time is about to finish. Made by Costantino, Giovanni, Cristian Maglie and Luca D’Angelo.

Keep reading for more info.

The “Facebook Let’s Go Out” web application uses the Facebook API to provide an event aggregation and search service. It does it in two steps: (1) the users instruct the application to download their events. Events are merged into a common events database but the users’ identities are not stored. The database is fully anonymous (working demo here ); (2) the users query the database with a location and a day to find all the matching events. Made by Ivan, Emanuel Carnevale and Paolo Montrasio.

To conclude, the “Facebook GeekShare” app is developed by Andrea Reginato, Stefano Cobianchi, Vincenzo Acinapura e Nicolas Amato. They made a working version allowing to insert some snippets, highlight them and share with some Facebook friends.

Different unconventional projects were born in the evening. Stay tuned.

7 Responses

  1. Really interesting!
    It’s a nice idea to promote this kind of event, and share the code + results… great work guys!

  2. I’m the guy on the left in the second video, working on the backend of the Rails application. It’s been great to work with Ivan and Emanuel and really deliver something in the 4 hours format of the event. I’m looking forward to the next hack up to get done something as fun as this one.

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  6. Jeko says:

    Bravi regà!! complimenti!! me state quasi a fa venì voglia… :-D

  7. Ivan Vaghi says:

    Jeko, passaci a trovare!

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