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Social networks and ruby on rails

Social network? What is it all about, what is the goal?

The simple answer would be: It’s about connecting people, creating a space where people can share the same interests. It can be everything like dating, dancing, studies and so on. Social network is the new reason for people to spend hours on internet everyday. The most famous social plate-form of the moment is for sure Facebook and this success inspire lots of companies to create their own social website, to build their own graph of users. It’s such a big potential for companies.
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Social Patterns Checklist

Thanks to Paolo Massa I found out about this presentation by Erin Malone (Tangible ux) and Christian Crumlish (Yahoo!).
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Developing Social Networking Applications with Drupal

Image by David King

I’ve been toying for a long time with the idea of tying a Drupal based social network, and at last I got the opportunity of doing that thanks to WikiSAP.
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